Pinterest: Beyond Crafts

The phenomenon of instantly sharing ideas over the internet through social media has proved to revolutionize the world. One of the most recent and notable innovations? Pinterest.

Many people often think of Pinterest as a site to aimlessly skim through pictures of food, fashion, home decorations and crafts. Avid Pinterest users and experts know its capabilities go far beyond passive browsing. It has the power to help people and companies brand themselves in creative ways, as well as spread products and ideas in a seemingly organic way.

If you look beyond the typical pictures of do-it-yourself crafts and trendy home décor, you will find designs, patterns, prints and pictures that can inspire your creative side. These images often tell great stories of adventure, display ideas of the world’s best and most unrecognized creatives and give insight into global trends.

Here are 5 inspirational brands or people you should follow on Pinterest:

Anthropologie– Anthropologie’s Pinterest page provides a great insight into how their creative and graceful retail methods. Their page features products, what inspires them, and pictures of their innovative window and in-store displays.

Elsie Larson (A Beautiful Mess)-Elsie brings a fresh outlook to life, decorating, fashion, and design on her Pinterest page. You’ll find unique patterns and products, as well as pictures of places that may just inspire your next big adventure.

Jennifer Chong– Jennifer is a talented photographer. She features her photographs and many different types of design inspirations. Her pages include “Typography”, “Retail & Restaurant”, “Pretty Packages”, and “Making a Mark.”

Blair Thomson– Blair is a Creative Director at BelieveIn, a design and branding agency for print and digital media in the UK. Look here for trendy, rocker and Euro-style inspirations.

Griottes– Griottes is a Photographer and Graphic Designer. Her “Paper” board is all you need to be drawn in.