Painting Our Thumbs Green

I guess you could say that rural Illinois life is rubbing off on us a bit. Or maybe it’s just a case of spring fever.

On Sunday, Taylor and I ventured to the local garden center (er, Walmart) and stocked up on a few supplies. After about 30 minutes of wandering through the seed and plant aisles, we decided to give tomatoes, cilantro, marigolds and dwarf snapdragons a try.



It wasn’t until after we finished planting that we checked the 10 day forecast. It turns out that winter isn’t quite over yet and that some snow is in the forecast (in April?!). Oops! I guess we’ll be bringing them inside for a night or two.

Here’s to hoping that we can keep these little guys alive long enough for some homegrown salsa ingredients and pretty flowers on our balcony.