For Your Ears- Lord Huron

I haven’t been able to stop listening to Lord Huron and their album, Lonesome Dreams. Their music sounds like the soundtrack for a new life adventures. The lead singer, Ben Schneider, is inspired by his hometown in Michigan. He also sings about a girl who left a pretty big impression on him. And I love that their music videos look like old 60’s movies.

Are you a Lord Huron fan? If so, what’s your favorite song?


Music to my Ears: Ben Howard

Ben Howard has quickly become one of my favorite artists. His songs effectively showcase his musical talent and tell stories about self-discovery in a fresh, upbeat way.

In less than a week, he is releasing a new EP called Burgh Island. Check out the song, Esmerelda, for a glimpse of his upcoming album. It has a much darker, more mysterious undertone compared to his first album, but I really like what I hear.


Check my my all-time favorite Ben Howard song off his album Every Kingdom, Keep Your Head Up. I can’t promise this song’s melody won’t get stuck in your head. Pay special attention to what happens in the video around 2:10.


Not a fan of the song Call Me, Maybe? Me either. But Ben Howard’s BBC live version of the pop hit makes me wish he was the original artist. Sorry Carly Rae.


Happy birthday to me- Ben’s Burgh Island EP hits iTunes November 6th.