The Ignorance of #FirstWorldProblems

Today, I watched a video of Haitian villagers reading #firstworldproblem tweets and it broke my heart.

This humbling video (below) was created by DDB NY, an ad agency, in order to eliminate, not promote, a trending Twitter topic. They are making an effort to increase awareness about the need for clean water in third world countries.

The recent Twitter trend, #firstworldproblems, has led many to tweet the “hardships” they face throughout the day. These “hardships” include Starbucks coffees too hot to drink, not being able to get the newest iPhone on demand or favorite shows not airing. In the words of my husband: “WAH!”

Newsflash: The majority of the world (including impoverished Americans) would not consider these problems.

Not having clean water, a roof over your head, a basic education, food on the table or medicine to treat harmful diseases are real problems.

Many people around the world view America as an ignorant county who loves  to wallow in its materialism. #Firstworldproblems only further proves their point. I’m just as guilty of contributing to this problem, too.

Giving of our possessions, even a little, can make a life-changing impact in the lives of others.

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